Our Story

Wellness comes from within.


Our soul is on a journey from its many lifetimes, to its current divine human form, to the energy that will continue on after this lifetime. Our purpose at Soul Source is to create experiences that awaken your divine being. Never before have we been given such opportunity and resources to look within, to transmute and align with our greatest purpose. In seeking this path, one can choose to journey individually or 

collectively. We want to provide you with opportunities for both, as each has its own unique way to empower and transform. 

Our online platform was created as a gift for your soul. Now that we are ushered into a world of technology like never before, we wanted to make this experience one that captures the heart of things. We want it to be a place where we can still gather, connect and support one another even across the ethers.

Dive into Soul Source and expect the unimaginable.


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Our Ethos

We believe that happiness, fulfillment and abundance are your birthright. 

We believe in the power of collective energy.

We believe in each person's inherit ability to live in a higher state of consciousness and harmony.

We believe in love, magic, community, and celebrating the human spirit.

We believe in making all of this accessible to every human being. This is our purpose. This is Soul Source